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The SustAg Story

SustAg was established in 2022 with a mission to support farmers and the agricultural sector to front foot change. SustAg provides services ranging from farm planning and farmer workshops to capturing customer insights used to design future focused bespoke solutions. SustAg is based in the Wairarapa,
New Zealand but work with clients both nationally and internationally.

SustAg Director Richard Parkes is a seasoned rural advisor and facilitator with more than 20 years' experience supporting farmers and rural professionals to navigate change.

Richard's background is deeply rooted in farming, and he spent a decade lecturing on farm systems and agribusiness. This experience has given him a comprehensive understanding of the practical issues those working on the ground face. His work as a rural advisor has further enriched his knowledge and insights into the unique challenges of farmers and rural communities.

A distinguishing aspect of Richard's approach is his emphasis on collaboration and participation. He firmly believes that lasting and effective change can only be achieved when all those affected by the change participate in the decision-making process. His inclusive and open working style has allowed him to guide individuals and communities through change successfully.

One of Richard's notable achievements was leading the development and implementation of the B + LNZ Catchment Community Program. This initiative supported farmers in playing lead roles in forming or participating in catchment community groups. Richard facilitated workshops and played a key role in developing facilitation training for those working with catchment community groups.

Richard is dedicated to developing and delivering effective education and extension programs. He often facilitates workshops nationwide, sharing his expertise and passion for rural communities and agriculture.
Richard is a member of the New Zealand Institute of Primary Industry Management (NZIPIM), New Zealand Association of Natural Resource Management (NZARM) and the Australasian Pacific Extension Network (APEN).

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